Help The Hall

Can you help us "Help The Hall" by filling a theatre with 120 donations?

 Given the Covid-19 crisis, our long-standing performance venue Whetstone URC Community Hall has suffered a significant loss of rental income with no community events taking place.

We're launching a Help The Hall scheme whereby we are inviting our members and audiences to fill the hall with donations equal to the price of a standard ticket, which will be given directly to the Community Hall fund.

It will take 120 donations to fill the hall, just like the number of seats for our regular shows, so your support is greatly appreciated for this wonderful cause.

Your donation will be used by Whetstone URC towards the maintenance and improvement of the Hall which in turn will help improve Whetstone Theatre Company's future productions.

We would love for you to help support our friends at the URC Hall by, if you can afford it, donating one 'ticket' per person towards our 120 target.

Thank you very much for all your ongoing support to ourselves, the URC Hall and of course the wider Leicestershire community during this incredibly difficult time. Let's come together one more time and show what we can achieve!