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Joining Whetstone Drama

Welcome to the home of Whetstone Drama Group

         Whetstone Drama Group is one of the most successful amateur dramatics group within Leicestershire and Rutland.

This year we celebrate 58 glorious years, during which time our group has developed from strength to strength. The current group is the largest it has ever been and enjoys audiences that most drama groups can only dream about.

Within our dynamic group we have a thriving Senior Group, a growing Youth Group and a famous Murder Mystery Group which helps raise money for local charities.

Whetstone Drama Group have won many awards over the years within The Leicestershire and Rutland Full Length Play Festival and most recently NANDA. These include many 'Best Plays', ‘Best Producers', several 'Best Actors’ and ‘Best Actresses' or ‘Supporting Actors’ and ‘Supporting Actresses' as well as other categories such as 'Best Set', 'Best Teamwork' & ‘Best Programmes’.