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The History of Whetstone Drama

Celebrating 62 Years of Live Drama!

In 1962 three churches and one young man created Whetstone Drama Group and 60 years later, the group is still going very strong, under a new name Whetstone Theatre Company!

Over the last 60 years Whetstone Drama have performed their productions in numerous venues throughout Whetstone and also at Countesthorpe Community College, but we found a home at United Reformed Church Hall, Whetstone. Whilst being at the URC, we have had the oppurtunity to develop our skills, our technology and the oppurtunity to provide a better expereince for you and for us. We strive to make your experience even better when visiting us for a performance and the trustees are working closely with the URC to support this even further.

Back in April 2017, George Clarke very sadly past away at the age of 92. George Clarke was our founder and attended every production until his death. We hope he knew that the group he started has evolved into one of the most successful amateur drama group in Leicestershire.

Each year we put on at least four productions and numerous Murder Mysteries and our audiences are the envy of amateur drama groups everywhere.

Whetstone Drama also has an extremly popular social media presence - follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube .

However, Whetstone Theatre are nothing without our audiences and you are the most important people of all. So for the last 60 years we all would like to say a massive THANK YOU!

Back in January 2020, the drama groups commitee had planned the years programme and this had been advertised and tickets had started to be sold for all four productions: Come On, Jeeves!, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Lady in The Van & The Whetstone Christmas Variety Show. Rehearsals began for both Jeeves and Charlie, but sadly in March 2020 the world was turned upside down and the United Kingdom was put into the first lockdown. Our nation came to a complete standstill. Theatres across the nation / world closed their doors scared and not knowing when / if they and if we could reopen our doors. The need for entertainment... live entertainment was strong. We needed to connect with friends and family. Whetstone Drama needed to connect with its members and faithful auidences. We took to YouTube and our Ben and Steve entertained us all with the weekly Sunday evening quizzes for all members, friends, family and you are our faithful auidences.
Throughout the lockdowns, Ben endlessly worked to keep our members enteratined by organising virtual activities such as: Bake a dramatic cake, Recreate an album cover,  photo quizzes etc etc. If you want to be entertained visit our website or social media pages to watch our version of “ Any Dream Will Do! ”, we created this for the BBC One programme - Musicals: The Greatest Show. Sadly we didn’t make it onto the show, but we had a great fun creating it and it still brings back great memories! The cast of Jeeves and Charlie moved to Zoom and continued their rehearsals.

To continue to develop and further yours and our experience Whetstone Drama became a charitable company in August 2020, providing the group a more finanical secure future. The group is now legaly known as Whetstone Theatre Company.

Then in 2021 we were finally given the roadmap back to normality and given the green light to reopen. The trustees started to work on the reopening! And we reopened! We performed 3 productions to live audiences once more. It was truly spectacular to be back on the stage and most important, back with our faithful audiences!

In 2022 we celebrated our Diamond Anniversary - 60 years of Whetstone Drama! This was celebrated with the 60th Anniversary Production - Oklahoma!

Then in 2023 the group adventured into the relems of Dibley and our audiences where tranfixed with The Vicar of Dibley. We were sulated with standing ovations each night! Thank you!

Whetstone Theatre Company are raising a glass and thanking you all for 60 glorious years! Here is to the next 60!

Love and best wishes,

Whetstone Theatre Company Trustees.

History of Whetstone Drama: About Us
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